1010 promotion campaign

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1O1O is the highly regarded premium brand in the Hong Kong telecommunications industry. It offers a premium mobile lifestyle experience to their customers, including outstanding network speed, innovative entertainment, intelligent products and special consumer experience.


The primary goals of this campaign were to:

  • Create a strong brand identity
  • Highlight and reinforce 1O1O’s speedy connection and reputable image
  • Heighten public awareness of 1O1O’s professional services
  • Reach out to potential customers via various online and social media platforms


We are aware of the importance of a successful social media content. Therefore, we have created innovative, informative and engaging content to increase customers’ interest.

We helped the 1O1O social media channel to achieve sustainable growth through our all-round social media marketing


As of Nov, 2021, we have acquired a total of 600,000 views, 30,000 clicks and 20,000 shares on social media.