Animation is a highly effective tool to deliver complex messages in an engaging and easy-to-understand way. By turning people, objects and activities into cartoons, we can secure audience’s attention and buy-in more effectively. Therefore, animation video production is in great demand, even for commercial purpose. According to survey, there has been a significant 28% year-on-year increase in video ad expenditure in Hong Kong in 2021. This shows that enterprises are beginning to consider videos as an effective format to advertise their brands. No wonder there has been a surge in demand for live-action video and animation video production in Hong Kong in recent years. With extensive experience in animation video production, we provide one-stop service covering concept design, scripting, storyboarding, production design, voiceovers, and subsequent uploading to different media and platforms. We can also help you manage audience’s response and make adjustments to the designs as necessary. If you are looking for an animation production house to create an eye-catching animated video for your next campaign, do drop us a note!


1. Why is animation video production an effective way to promote a brand, product or service?

 In the commercial world, videos are mostly used to inform the audience of a brand’s story, products and services. For certain industries, such as the insurance sector, and certain types of videos, such as a product launch video, animation can simplify complex topics and messages. Animated videos help bring concepts to life in a way that live-action videos cannot. With the help of animation, you can easily show how a complicated process or intricate mechanism works. Hence, animation studios in Hong Kong have been creating product explainer videos and animated infographics for different businesses.


As internet users have short attention span, it is important not only to draw, but also to keep audience’s attention. Animated video is a story-telling tool that delivers messages in an engaging way, therefore can easily evoke an emotional connection with the audience. Professional animators in animation production houses can use different types of animation techniques and styles to create captivating videos that elicit emotions. Researches have revealed that animated ads are more effective than still ads as emotional arousal can positively affect a viewer’s memory of a certain advertised brand. Therefore, enterprises work with animation studios in Hong Kong to produce high-impact, engaging explainer videos to add value to their brands. Another advantage of using animated videos as compared to live-action videos is that animation video production is less expensive and takes less time. There is no need for a venue, actors, a director and shooting equipment etc. All you need is an animator or a professional team in an animation production house to create awesome animated videos.


2. What are the steps of animation video production in Hong Kong?

The animation video production process is made up of several steps. First is the concept development phase. You should have a clear idea of your objectives, target audience, distribution platforms etc. Define the core message of the animation before writing a cohesive script around it. As the script lays the groundwork for the overall animation, you may want to work with the creative team in an animation production house to develop a well-thought-out script. The next step is storyboarding. Serving as the framework for the animated video, the storyboard will establish an artistic direction and reflect the overall visual style of the animation. Then, record the voice-over narration. Afterwards, professional animators in animation production houses will bring illustrations to life by giving movements to the characters and other elements appearing on the screen. Lastly, animators will need to edit and synchronize the sound effects, voiceover, and musical soundtrack with the visual counterpart. As a high-quality creative animation studio in Hong Kong, our passionate team strive to bring your imagination and brilliant ideas to life!

3. How experienced is Shepherd Communications in animation video production in Hong Kong?

Shepherd Communications has over 20 years of experience in marketing, advertising, live-action video and animation video production in Hong Kong. We have produced a wide variety of promotional videos including corporate image videos, TV commercials and animations, for different industries, such as the banking, insurance, telecommunication and hotel sector. As an experienced animation studio in Hong Kong, our team creates compelling animated videos with high advertising effectiveness, may it be a product explainer video or a captivating brand story. We have helped China Life, Generali Hong Kong and HKT etc. to produce animated videos and animated infographics before. With a strong team of creatives with animation video production experience, we offer a one-stop solution for your animated videos, including creative concept development, storyboarding, smart design etc. If you are looking for an animation studio in Hong Kong to help you wow your audience with engaging animated videos, you are most welcome to contact our creative team!