Bank of Communications

BComBEST Promotion Campaign

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BComBEST is the most premium line of banking service provided by Bank of Communications.  It offers a comprehensive range of services to its esteemed customers to create and manage their wealth so that they can lead a carefree and enjoyable life.


The primary goals of this campaign were to:

  • Forge and solidify BComBEST’s image as well as the reputation of its BComBEST service
  • Heighten public awareness of the BComBEST service
  • Attract potential customers online and through social media


With the wide range of objectives and diverse backgrounds of the bank’s target audience in mind, we have deployed different media strategies in order to reach the intended target customers.

  • To attract customers who were more used to traditional forms of media, we have arranged TV commercials, bus-body advertisements and banner ads near tunnel entrances and on commercial buildings.
  • Besides the above traditional commercial formats, we have also edited our television advertisements to fit the YouTube channel so as to attract viewers who were more accustomed to digital forms of media.  We also collaborated with various online platforms such as, the website of Hong Kong Economic Journal and Yahoo, etc. in order to reach out to the target customers.


  • We have obtained a total of 400,000 views and 17,000 clicks in a month subsequent to rolling out the campaign.
  • As testimony to our remarkable work, the TV commercial of BComBEST Thematic was awarded Silver – Galaxy Awards under the category of television advertisement, and the related graphic design was conferred Bronze – Galaxy Awards under the category of print advertisement.  The award is sponsored by MeComm to compliment outstanding achievement in product and service marketing.  It is an international competition and is held every year.  Only one gold, one silver and one bronze award will be given in each category.