Corporate Video


We all know that brand image matters to any business. A corporate video is an ideal vehicle to show a brand’s core values and corporate culture to the public and project a brand personality. Apart from creative design, Shepherd Communications is also experienced in corporate video production. We have produced corporate videos for companies of varying sizes and industries, such as banks and hotels, to help them stand out from fierce competition. Corporate video may sound similar to promotional video, but in fact it takes more finesse to create a good one – you have to convey an abstract philosophy in a subtle way without compromising the video flow and pace. Our professional team takes care of every little detail of the entire corporate video production process from start to finish, including creative thinking, scriptwriting, professional shooting, film editing and video marketing. We create great, compelling corporate videos to enhance your brand image.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of producing a corporate video in Hong Kong?

The primary purpose of corporate video production is to build a positive brand image and portray its brand personality. If you manage to create and maintain a positive and unique brand image, you will reap the benefits in the long run. First, a positive brand image increases brand awareness, resulting in confidence among stakeholders, such as consumers and investors. With trust as foundation, it is much easier to convert potential customers into actual consumers down the sales funnel. Hence, from a long-term perspective, high-quality corporate video production can definitely create value for a brand and its customers. On the other hand, a positive corporate image attracts talents to join your company and enhances employees’ sense of belonging. In short, a good corporate video lays the groundwork for a brand’s long-term benefits.

2. Why should I choose Shepherd Communications for corporate video production?

Corporate image is not built in one day. Instead, it is attained through a series of marketing initiatives and branding strategies. With solid experience in corporate video production in Hong Kong, we believe a high-quality corporate video is worth a million words. We have produced a corporate video for iclub, a lifestyle hotel brand under Regal Hotels. The video depicts two hotel guests exploring the fascinating neighborhood of iclub Sheung Wan Hotel. By demonstrating the dynamic landscape of Sheung Wan, where old meets new and east meets west, and creating a laid-back ambience, the video brings out the fun, chill and inspiring brand personality of iclub. With technical skills, knowledge and hands-on experience in corporate video production in Hong Kong, our team has produced a TV commercial for Bank of Communications to convey its corporate philosophy and enhance its brand image.

3. How to portray a brand personality in a corporate video?

To blend a brand personality into a corporate video involves the entire corporate video production pipeline. First, when brainstorming ideas to set up a video script, you need to reify an abstract concept (i.e. corporate philosophy) and infuse your brand personality into the video. When shooting the corporate video, camera lens usage and shooting angles etc. all constitute the overall look and feel of the video, which portrays your brand personality. During the post-production stage of the corporate video production process, film editing, sound design, color grading etc. help shape a distinctive corporate identity. With extensive experience in producing corporate videos in Hong Kong, our professional team provides one-stop video production services to help your brand develop a unique corporate image and increase brand awareness by creating captivating corporate videos.

4. What are the steps of producing a corporate video in Hong Kong?

Any well-conceptualized corporate video production starts with good concept development. You should have a clear idea of who your target audience is, what key message you want them to get and how you want to deliver it. With solid experience in corporate video production in Hong Kong, our team will dive into your business before video conceptualization, so that we can come up with a video concept that displays your brand’s unique values. The next steps are to write scripts and create storyboards. Your video script is important as it controls the actual production and it is difficult to adjust once you have shot your footages. Considering it the heart and soul of your corporate video, you may want to spend more time on scripting and storyboarding.

After planning the video content, you can move on to the pre-production phase, which involves setting everything up for actual filming. To keep the production of a corporate video in Hong Kong on time and on budget, it is key you have everything in place at this stage to ensure a smooth production afterwards, as everything will cost you quite a lot of time and money once the camera starts rolling. As an award-winning agency with extensive experience in corporate video production in Hong Kong, our team can assist you during pre-production for tasks, such as casting actors, applying for permits, renting venues and equipment etc., to save you headaches and costs at this important stage. After the actual shooting of the video comes the post-production editing phase. It involves film editing, color grading, sound mixing and subtitling etc. Once your corporate video is fully edited, you will need to distribute it on the right channels. As a digital marketer with experience in producing and distributing corporate videos in Hong Kong, we help brands blast their corporate videos across different online and social media platforms in order to reach their target audience.

5. How can corporate video production Hong Kong help improve the company’s corporate image?

Corporate video production Hong Kong is a powerful tool that can significantly enhance a company’s corporate image and brand. Through well-crafted and engaging corporate videos, businesses can effectively communicate their values, mission and unique selling points, leaving a lasting positive impact on their target audience

One of the main benefits of creating corporate video Hong Kong to improve a company’s corporate image is visual storytelling. Unlike other forms of communication, video allows brands to tell their story visually and emotionally, in a way that connects with audiences on a deeper level. Additionally, corporate video Hong Kong gives a company the opportunity to showcase its brand identity. By incorporating the company’s voice, style and values ​​into the video, the audience can gain a clearer understanding of the company’s identity and scope. This makes the brand relatable and memorable, contributing to a positive image of the company.

A well-crafted corporate video Hong Kong can associate a company with positive emotions, values, and experiences. When customers or potential partners watch the video, they will associate those positives with the brand, helping to build a positive image for the company. A unique and creative corporate video Hong Kong can set a company apart from its competitors. It helps the brand stand out in a crowded marketplace by showcasing what makes the company unique and special, positioning it as what consumers wan

6.How can a corporate video Hong Kong help improve our search engine rankings and online visibility?

A well-produced corporate video Hong Kong can have a significant impact on your online presence. It can help increase your search engine rankings, as search engines tend to favor websites with more video content. By creating a video that resonates with your target audience and adding the right keyword metadata, your video can have a strong presence on platforms like YouTube and attract more views. As a result, your video will show up more frequently in search results, leading to an increase in online visibility and organic traffic. Additionally, a corporate video can communicate your brand’s message and values in a more engaging way than text or images alone, helping to build a stronger connection with your audience.

7. What equipment and technology does Shepherd Communications use for corporate video production Hong Kong?

Shepherd Communications uses state-of-the-art equipment and technology in the process of corporate video production Hong Kong. We understand that the quality of the equipment plays a big role in the final version of the video. To ensure we capture the essence of your brand clearly and accurately, we use high resolution cameras capable of producing stunning images in vibrant colors. These professional cameras give us versatility in shooting style, allowing us to adjust to different film settings and achieve desired visual effects.

In addition to capturing compelling images, clear and crisp audio is crucial for effective communication. To achieve this we invest in professional audio equipment, including high quality microphones, lavaliers and audio recorders to ensure that every word and message is delivered clearly and accurately. Also, we recognize the importance of proper lighting to create the right atmosphere and atmosphere for your corporate video. Our team uses advanced lighting technology to achieve the desired look, whether it’s a bright and inviting space for an interview or a cinematic and theatrical look for a brand story.

We use state-of-the-art drone technology for stunning aerial shots and dynamic sensors. Drones allow us to capture stunning aerial footage, adding a new dimension and immersive feel to your corporate video. Post-production is an important process where all the elements come together to create a compelling story. To achieve this, we use industry-leading editing software, ensuring seamless transitions, effective storytelling and visually appealing visuals.

8. What role does storytelling play in corporate video production Hong Kong, and how to incorporate it into our video?

Storytelling plays an important role in corporate video production Hong Kong as it is the backbone of effective communication. A well-crafted story can engage audiences, stir emotions, and create a meaningful connection between a brand and its viewers. Instead of focusing solely on delivering facts and content, storytelling allows us to present your brand’s journey, values ​​and influence in a way that resonates more with the audience.

At Shepherd Communications, incorporating storytelling into your corporate video is an integral part of our creative process. We start by better understanding your brand, its history, mission and unique selling points. We collaborate closely with your team to identify the key messages and key emotions you want to evoke in your audience.

Based on this foundation, we create a compelling story that takes viewers on a journey, effectively communicating your brand’s story and personality. Our screenwriters create a structured story that inspires hope, challenges, and presents your brand as a solution. Whether it’s a brand launch story, a customer success journey, or an employee testimonial, our team structures the story to connect and relate to your target audience.

9. Can you help us repurpose our corporate video Hong Kong for different marketing campaigns?

Shepherd Communications can assist you in repurposing your corporate video Hong Kong for different marketing campaigns. Repurposing your existing video content is a smart and cost-effective way to maximize its reach and impact across various platforms and target audiences.

Revitalizing your corporate video Hong Kong not only extends its lifespan but reinforces your marketing message and reinforces your brand presence in Hong Kong’s competitive environment. With our expertise in video repurposing and digital marketing, Shepherd Communications can help you unlock the full potential of your corporate video Hong Kong across multiple marketing campaigns, maximizing its impact and return on investment.

10. What sets Shepherd Communications apart as a top choice for corporate video production Hong Kong?

Shepherd Communications stands out for its exceptional creativity, technical expertise, customer-centric approach, and commitment to delivering high-quality corporate videos that resonate with audiences. Our vast experience and track record of successful projects make us a preferred choice in the industry of corporate video production Hong Kong.

Our team of experts is dedicated to understanding our clients’ unique needs and goals, and tailoring our approach to deliver customized solutions that exceed their expectations. We believe that every company has a unique story, and our mission is to help them share that with the world in an engaging and impactful way. With our cutting-edge technology and innovative approaches, we are confident that we can bring your vision to life and help your brand thrive in today’s crowded marketplace.