FWD X 7-ELEVEN Campaign

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FWD is an insurance company that offers a variety of products in different sectors, such as life insurance, medical insurance, and employee insurance. It also provides financial planning to its clients. FWD understands the need to constantly win their customers’ attention through technology and other novel experiences.

Recently, FWD has partnered with 7-Eleven, the largest convenience store in Hong Kong, to launch a new “claims payout” service. It allows its customers to handle their insurance claims in an easy and convenient way.


The primary objectives of this campaign were to:

  • Raise public awareness of FWD’s innovative services
  • Promote FWD’s digital claims process
  • Promote FWD’s achievement as the first insurer in Hong Kong to offer a “cash in claim” service by partnering with 7-Eleven


With the above objectives in mind, we devised a comprehensive promotion strategy:

1. To draw attention from customers who are more accustomed to using conventional advertisement channels.

2. To create an online video to promote the claim process.


We obtained a total of 5000 views, 20,000 clicks and 1000 shares in a month subsequent to rolling out the campaign.