SME Digital Transformation Animation

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With the goal of being top of mind among SMEs, HKT wanted to help conventional SMEs undergo digital transformation so that they can refine their service process and boost sales, especially during the economic downturn due to the pandemic.


The primary goals of these animations were to:

  • Promote HKT’s anti-pandemic solutions to SMEs
  • Position HKT as a brand that knows the true needs of SMEs and is willing to stand with them during difficult times
  • Enhance its corporate image to a caring, flexible, cyber telecom service provider


We have produced 2 animations to convey to SMEs that digital transformation is a smart move to turn the tide in the worst of times. For both animations, we used deep blue and mustard yellow as primary colors to project a smart, corporate look and feel. For a more impactful visual appeal, we based our animations on a “micro city” design concept by moving product highlights, such as the Smart POS device and Vaccine Pass scanner, from frame to frame around the city.

For the animation targeting retail store and restaurant owners, glowing dots and lines were specially added to the video as cyber elements to guide the audience through the various sections of the micro-city. As for the animation which targets office clients, we even showcased how miniature office workers could benefit from a variety of digital solutions.

Apart from Facebook videos, the animations were also adapted to carousel ads, banner ads, website banner, eDMs, gifs, etc. to reach a broader audience through different channels.


We have obtained over XX views, XX reach and XX engagement.