Digital Marketing



Digital marketing is the use of online platforms to promote a brand. Compared to traditional marketing channels, digital marketing is more diversified in terms of presentation formats and promotional channels, fostering two-way communication between a brand and its customers. In this digital era where social media dominates our lives, social media marketing is no longer optional. To survive the fierce competition, you need to leverage social media platforms to the fullest for promotional use. Shepherd Communications provides all-rounded social media services, from concept creation, copywriting, graphic design to art direction. We customize your social media marketing plan based on your brand image, sales strategies and the key performance indicators of your campaign.

Social media platforms have become the prime channel for customers to search and receive information nowadays. During this process, their online behaviors are tracked by the system. By analyzing their browsing habits, marketers can have an inside look of their interests and needs and display online ads strategically. The usage of big data to target customers with things they like has brought unprecedented benefits for enterprises, such as lowering advertising cost and elevating user experience. In other words, social media ad targeting powered by big data helps you identify your potential customers from a sea of online users whom you have never met, while customers get to receive ads that match their needs and wants – a win-win situation for both parties. Our professional team provide not only creative concept development, copywriting and design services, but also one-stop social media management services.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can paid ads on social media effectively increase conversion?

Paid ads on social media platforms can indeed increase brand exposure and enhance your conversion rate. However, apart from working on your paid ad strategies to gain more views and clicks, content marketing also has an important role to play in social media ads. Content marketing is about using quality content to generate quality leads. It is crucial to create original content for your social media ads based on your target audience’s actual needs, so as to drive qualified traffic to your website. Good content provides your target audience with valuable information or even insights, allowing for increased brand trust. In short, you should focus on quality instead of quantity when creating social media ad content, so as to entice your potential customers to willingly form a long-term relationship with you.

2. Why is social media management required?

Many people think that social media management is all about publishing and updating feeds, but in fact it involves the entire process of creating, publishing, and analyzing content as well as interacting with users on social media platforms. For instance, we should consider the positioning and target audience of various platforms while we decide on the content direction and ad publish frequency for the feeds. If your social media page lacks planning and regular monitoring, even a great social media ad may not achieve the desired advertising effect. A brand cannot simply rely on paid ads to drive more traffic – instead you should create quality social media feeds regularly in order to build customer loyalty.

3. Why should I choose Shepherd Communications to help me create social media ads?

Our social media specialists will curate the most suitable social media marketing strategy for you by taking into account your digital needs, market position, corporate image, sales strategies, key performance indicators etc. Our expertise in cross-channel promotion and viral videos will help you raise brand awareness and achieve better customer retention. Our experience in content marketing and influencer marketing will help produce more qualified leads and traffic in this digital era, which in turn generate conversions and drive sales for our clients and their products and services. With experience in performing social media management for different industries from banking, insurance, telecommunication to retail, we always stay ahead of the latest social media trends and know how to nail content marketing to hit your target audience accurately.