TV Commercial


Shepherd Communications is an advertising agency with over 20 years of experience in TV commercial production. Our professional team always stays ahead of the latest advertising trends and creates eye-catching ads that appeal to our local audience. We provide one-stop TV commercial production services, encompassing pre-production preparation, such as concept creation and scriptwriting, professional shooting and post-production video treatments, such as film editing, motion graphics, lighting effect, color grading, sound mixing, subtitles etc. As a professional advertising agency, we believe creativity is key to any successful advertisement. Being bombarded with an overwhelming number of TV commercials, the TV audience can easily become indifferent to commercial ads. Hence, to grab their attention, you need a TV commercial that really pops! The repetitive nature of TV commercials helps to keep your brand in the forefront of your audience’s minds, increasing brand awareness and establishing trust. In short, a creative TV commercial entails a substantial amount of effort at different stages along the production pipeline, including creative concept development, video content creation, visual and sound effects etc. in order for the audience to form a lasting impression of a brand.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should I use TV commercials to promote my brand, products or services?

The purpose of a TV commercial is to increase brand awareness and recognition as well as to enhance brand image. When launching a new product or service, a TV commercial creates a better first impression and increases the trustworthiness of your brand. While many may perceive TV commercials as a less influential advertising channel in the digital era, TV commercials actually create customer confidence – for instance, after watching a TV commercial, if you see the same video ad or print ad on other promotional channels, you will find the brand more trustworthy. Furthermore, the inclusion of both visual and audio components in a TV commercial gives us large space for creativity and innovation. Our creative team is experienced in making good use of visuals and sounds in TV commercials for a profound advertising effect. We will wrap your unique selling point in a creative concept that resonates with the audience.

2. What is the production pipeline for TV commercials?

Creativity is the soul of an advertisement. If you want to create a great TV commercial that is the talk of the town, creativity is the key ingredient. Our professional team of specialists in TV commercial production start by developing a creative concept based on the key features of your product or service. After the script and storyboard are finalized, we will proceed to an array of pre-production preparation tasks, including conducting auditions and casting, booking venues, scheduling a pre-production meeting with director, photographer and gaffer etc. and working out a detailed shooting plan. After the post-production stage, you may choose the most suitable TV channel, broadcasting time, frequency, length etc. for your commercial ad according to your product or service feature and the viewing habits of your target audience. By and large, the TV commercial production process involves a great deal of planning and coordination throughout the entire production pipeline.

3. How many types of TV commercials are there?

There are various types of TV commercials. To make the most of your advertising budget, make sure you opt for the most effective TV ad type to reach your target audience. For celebrity endorsement, you may want to use testimonial ads to leverage their star appeal and reach their fan base. The storytelling format can also be used to resonate with the audience and leave a lasting impression. To capture audience attention, you may use analogies in a humorous or exaggerated way to make a clear and powerful statement of the product or service feature. Audience is sometimes left with an emotional cliffhanger before a product or service is disclosed.