As we have easy access to ultra-high-speed internet and that live streaming platforms are getting full-fledged, corporate activities are no longer restricted by time and place. In light of the pandemic, live streaming has become more prevalent and many multinational enterprises turn to webinars for their commercial activities. As an advertising agency with experience in organizing webinars, Shepherd Communications provides one-stop live streaming solutions catering for your campaign objectives and needs. With our professional live streaming service, you get to spend more time and effort on the content rather than the execution of your live event. Our expertise in live streaming services for online talks and webinars in particular will help you engage with your audience in high-quality virtual events. We create multi-camera live streams across multiple platforms, including social media and instant messaging platforms.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What needs to be taken note of when hosting an online talk or a webinar?

For a smooth live stream, you need to pay special attention to the audiovisual equipment and internet speed. With our professional streaming equipment and experienced technicians, we can produce live streams with exceptional audio and visual quality. Real-time interaction with attendees is a key component in any online talk or webinar. Our team knows how to incorporate live Q&A or polling sessions into your corporate event, so as to keep your online audience engaged. We can also live stream your events to a variety of social media platforms to invite more participants. As visual aids are crucial to grab online audience’s attention, we can insert images and videos or have the background changed anytime during the live webcast to elevate the overall event experience.

2. What needs to be discussed when hosting a live streaming event?

It is easy to join a webinar, but to host one is another story – it involves a lot of preparation and planning! Our professional team can save you from all the hassle of organizing a live streaming event, so that you can spend more time and effort on preparing the content rather than executing the live event. After fully understanding the campaign details and your live streaming requirements, we will craft a detailed live streaming plan tailored for your event. For instance, we first need to know if you want to overlay images or insert videos during a webcast, have your event live streamed to multiple platforms, or have different soundtracks mixed, before customizing the best live streaming plan for you.

3. How experienced is Shepherd Communications in webinar services?

We have organized online talks and webinars for different industries. For example, we organized a webinar for Bank of East Asia, which was about paving the way for children’s education through proper investments. We provided multiple-platform live streaming services and created a key visual for the event which was adapted to eDM and event backdrop. During the webinar, the online audience interacted with the host and shared their thoughts in real time. Live streaming has been widely used in recent years for both commercial and entertaining purpose. If you are interested in organizing a webinar, please drop us a line!