As a leading advertising agency and video production house in Hong Kong, Shepherd Communications has earned much experience in video production across different sectors, including but not limited to banks, telecommunication companies and hotels. Our professional team of specialists in video production in Hong Kong have a firm grasp of the entire process of video production and every minor yet important detail to be taken note of during video shooting. We are a trusted video production house with expertise in corporate videos, TV commercials and animations. We provide one-stop video production services, encompassing creative concepts, script writing, storyboard design, video shooting and video editing etc. We can meet varying budgets without compromising video quality and the overall advertising effectiveness. Apart from video production, we go the extra mile by presenting a promotional strategy that will maximize your video reach. As an award-winning advertising agency and video production house in Hong Kong, we believe a great promotional video stems from a great creative concept. Therefore, our creative team who specialize in video production in Hong Kong do not only place emphasis on the actual shooting of a video, but also on the early stage of creative concept development.



Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is video production an effective way to promote the products and services of a company? How does a video production house make a video ad stand out from the rest?

Although video production is more time-consuming when compared to print ad production, it is gaining increasing popularity in the internet world. According to surveys, the number of video ads on social media platforms is on a rise, reflecting that videos are effective in catching social users’ attention. We do see an increase in the number of companies looking for video production in Hong Kong these years. When compared to print ads, videos can better create an ambience and resonate with the audience. A video production house knows how to develop a strong sense of atmosphere through video scenes, arrangement of props, color tone, background music etc. to lead the audience to a desired emotion, so that they can have a lasting impression of the brand. Video production houses sometimes prefer to use the storytelling approach to deliver key promotional messages, or lead the audience into the captivating world of microfilm. This video production tactic is an intelligent way to entice the audience into having emotional bonding with your brand and hence a lasting impression. As a professional video production house in Hong Kong, we are experienced in taking the audience on a multi-sensory journey on the Internet by a well curated mix of audiovisual effect,  video pace and story plot. As a leading advertising agency and video production house, our team of specialists in video production in Hong Kong will help you deliver your key promotional message wrapped in a creative concept. 

2. What is the video production process? What needs to be done by the video production house?

After understanding your promotional objectives, the video production house will brainstorm the video direction and content, write the video script and produce the storyboard. Upon confirming the script, the video production house will discuss each and every detail of the video shooting plan with you, including the number and types of camera lens used for professional video production,  auditions and casting calls, costumes, props, setting etc. as well as contingency plans. Before the actual shooting, the video production house will schedule a pre-production meeting with the entire crew, including the creative team, director, actor, photographer and gaffer etc, and go through the shooting plan in detail with them once again, in order to ensure a smooth run on the shooting day. After shooting the video, the video production house will begin a series of post-production procedures, including film editing, sound effect, tone and color adjustment, visual effect, motion graphics, background music and subtitles etc. Therefore, the video production team has quite an important role to play – to lead the team and coordinate with different parties to make sure everything is on the right track. If you are seeking a video production house in Hong Kong for your next video project, feel free to reach us as we are a professional team with expertise in video production in Hong Kong for years. 

3. How experienced is Shepherd Communications in video production?

As an experienced video production house in Hong Kong, we have produced quite a number of promotional videos and TV commercials for various enterprises. For corporate video production, we have produced a TV commercial for Bank of Communications to convey its bank mission and enhance its corporate image.  Our team, who specialize in brand building and video production in Hong Kong, portray a premium bank image in the video through the use of script, main characters, pace and shooting angles etc. As a video production house in Hong Kong with 20 years of experience, Shepherd Communications values creativity as much as quality. Our team of specialists in video production in Hong Kong, want to resonate with our audience by using humorous or captivating stories. Our emphasis on creativity in video production is perhaps what sets us apart. We also have video production experience in the hotel and tourism field. For instance, we have produced an Internet video for iclub, the lifestyle brand under Regal Hotels. Our team, who excel in video production in Hong Kong, used a soft-selling approach to promote the iclub hotel in Sheung Wan, with a focus on active lifestyle and a laid-back ambience rather than hotel facilities.